Dalyan Boat Tour

I recommend the boat tour especially first-timers in The New Year. Because with this tour you where we can visit in The New Year's Day. Program in short: Kounos ancient city. beach, See bath and a short lake tour.

Yy also have 2 alternatives when you take trips with other travelers. With or without food. Our advice is to attend with food. Meal fees are cheap. Beverage prices are not included in the meal! Excursions generally start around 10.00 the quay of The New Year. Tourism companies pick you up from your hotel and leave you back to your hotel.

Dalyan Daily Dining Boat Tour

want to fit the beauties ofDalyan into a day, be sure to take this tour. The tour begins at 10:30 a.m. when the guides from the pier meet and inform, the Mud baths are reached to the small hot water spa respectively, and then the Köyceğinz Lake continues with a swimming break at its mouth. After a two-hour swim break on the world-famous Iztuzu beach, the tour is again ended on the pier with the peace and happiness of exploring Dalyan, giving an hour's trip to the ruins of historic Kaunos after a two-hour swim break on the world-famous Iztuzu beach.

Iztuzu (Turtle) Beach Filled Boat

to The Sea Beach start at 09:30 and they move from the riverside main concrete pier in dalyan center as the boats are full.

Boat Filled with Dalyan Mud Bath

want to spend your time only in mud baths, there is a boat service three times a day. Boats sail from the pier at 11:00, 13:00 and 15:00. After 2 hours of free time in the mud bath, the same boat is returned to Dalyan.

Boat Filled with Köyceğinz Lake, Sultaniye Hot Spring and Mud Baths

after swimming in the lake on this tour, you will have the chance to go to mud baths and Sultaniye hot spring. If you like calm and quiet environments, you will feel relaxed there. You can see and listen to various species of birds. Boat movement time is from Dalyan pier at 14:00.

Ekincik Cave and Bays Boat Tour

enjoy swimming in the waters of the immacult Mediterranean around the temples. These caves are natural formations. Swimming inside with snorkeling and diving goggles will give you a different pleasure. Lunch (barbecue) is served on the boat and swimming breaks are made in the wonderful bays of Ekincik during the return. The last break of the tour is at Iztuzu beach.

Köyceğinz People's Market Boat Tour

s largest public market is established every Monday in Köyceğinz District. If you want to see the way of life of local people, we recommend going to the public market and trying local products. There are two options for this tour.

1- You can go on dining boats, swim in Köyceğinz Lake, have lunch on the boat and then enter Sultaniye Hot Springs and return to Dalyan.

2- You can go by boat and visit the public market and then return to Dalyan by boat.

Gocek 12 Islands

Dalyan should take this awesome tour around gocek 12 Islands. The boats have bar services and equipment for toilet needs. On this tour, taking buses to Gocek. Yassıca Ada, Shipyard Island Aquarium Bay etc.b and swimming breaks are taken in five different bays.