About Sarıgerme

Sarıgerme is a tourist center that suddenly became popular with its proximity to Dalaman Airport and the introduction of modern accommodation facilities. The relentless struggle of pines with a thin sandy beach on the beach of Sarıgerme with its back to the pines has lasted for centuries. In history, Pisilis was founded on these beaches. Kent's under the sand now. 

Sarigerme Neighborhood is 850 m inside the beach. The name Sarıgerme is associated with Sarıçay, which passed through Osmaniye and divided the beach. Sarıçay was used to transport timber cut from the forest to the sea. And the sea connection was sealed so the timber wouldn't escape into the sea. It's called a stretch. That's how the name "yellowgerme" formed. 

7 km long sandy beach, shallow sea and babaada a little out in the open, Sarıgerme is a holiday paradise. 
The beach, which does not have much charm until the world, was cleaned by the initiatives of the association established in the region, buffet, shower-wc, sun loungers and umbrellas, and rickshaw connection to osmaniye village were provided next to the cabins. 

All services received in luxury hotels have thus started to be received by those staying in hostels and small motels in osmaniye village. A small contribution is taken at the entrance for coastal arrangement and maintenance. 

As one of the destinations for boats and yachts traveling between Babaada, Marmaris Gocek, off the coast of the country. The face of the island overlooking Sarıgerme is sheltered and boats are connected to this face. The back of the island is suitable for rocky and plunging enthusiasts. 

can swim to the island if you trust yourself. Then you can go up to the top and take in the insatiable view. 

Ying also take a walk along the long sandy beach. Don't think my feet will burn or hurt. The water and fine sand rising up to your wrists both facilitate walking, as well as make it a massage effect, relaxing and strengthening the muscles. 

As you come from the direction of the Airport to Sarıgerme, 20 km from The Airport, before entering Dalaman, you will enter the Sarıgerme crossroads. First, the Sarıgerme Neighborhood is reached, then the Sarıgerme coast is reached. 

I'm coming from the direction of the city, it is also possible to follow the Sarıgerme directional plate before Dalaman.