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I recommend the boat tour first time to the 20th of The New Year. Because with this tour you where we can visit in The New Year's Day. Program in short: Kounos ancient city. beach, Smur bath and a short lake tour.
one of the tour programs that we recommend to our local and foreign guests who prefer Dalyan for Datil is the Jip Safari tour. If you want to explore the natural beauties of your preferred region and experience an adrenaline-filled day for holidays, this tour is for you.
Legend has it that King Miletos' twin children Kaunos and Byblis fall in love. Hearing about this forbidden love among his children, Miletos bans his son Kaunos from his country. Kaunos comes to the Dalyan region to settle and builds a city he named after him. Over time, the city became one of the most important ports of antiquiths.
On Mondays, you can go köyceğinz by boat. Residents of surrounding villages also sell their own food. On the way back, it is lake and visited Sultaniye Hot Springs.
Iztuzu Beach, which consists of a very long sandy beach that stretches where Dalyan meets the Mediterranean Sea, is a protected area where karetta karetta sea turtles lay eggs, which is one of the few places in the world.
Those who believe in the power of mud, they argu that the sludge, which dries and stretches the skin, causes very large beneficial changes in the skin. Regular mud therapy is claimed to have medicinal effects against wrinkles on the skin, while thermal spring waters are said to be good for rheumatism, stomach problems and syatic disease.
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